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Model Overview: 2024 Can-Am Maverick R

Model Overview: 2024 Can-Am Maverick R

There's an electrifying wave of anticipation rolling through the world of off-road enthusiasts, and it's all thanks to the launch of the new Can-Am Maverick R 2024 line of performance UTVs. Designed as a direct response to the Polaris Pro R, Can-Am has once again outdone itself by introducing a set of machines that promise unrivaled technology, innovation, and thrill-seeking experiences. 


In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the standout features that set the Maverick R series apart in the race for the best Side-By-Side performance. Let’s get started!


Can-Am Maverick R Specs

Maverick R Engine

Turbocharged Engine

At the heart of this beast rests a top-of-the-line engine offering an incomparable 240 hp. The Rotax turbocharged 999cc inline tripe-cylinder engine, with its advanced airflow dynamics, boosts the performance, ensuring every ride is power-packed. With an oil squirter dedicated to individually cooling each piston and a dry-sump oil system, the Can-Am Maverick R guarantees your engine can sustain its peak performance, even in the most challenging terrains and temperatures. 

Maverick R Smart Shox

Cutting-Edge Suspension System

The Can-Am Maverick R 2024 series features a revolutionary suspension system. Using a heavy-duty tall knuckle suspension, the Maverick R improves steering stability, load distribution, roll and pitch control, bump absorption, and torsional rigidity. The large spread between the upper and lower control arms in this unique design allows for a significant stress reduction in the other suspension components, up to 85% in the front upper control arms and 45% on the rear toe line. 

Select models also include Can-Am’s Smart-Shox technology, an industry-first offering unparalleled shock absorption. It adjusts the suspension damping in real-time, responding to both the terrain and your driving style. Smart-shox means more control at high speeds, more stability through corners, and a smoother ride over the bumps and bruises of rugged landscapes.

Maverick R Front View

Advanced Response Technology (ART)

The Maverick R models offer three unique driving modes: Normal, Sport, and Sport+. Each mode alters suspension, differential, steering, transmission, and engine calibrations. When shifted into Sport+, the Maverick R equips an ART system that eliminates lag in the turbocharger. By deactivating the ignition on the middle cylinder while simultaneously slowing timing on the other two and holding the throttle body open wider, the turbocharger starts producing boost pressure at idle, priming the engine to reach peak throttle response. Moreover, drivers can create personal modes, customizing their ride experience to match their needs, whether it's fuel efficiency, maximum acceleration, or a balance of both. 

Maverick R Display

State-of-the-Art Cockpit

Step into the future of UTV design with the Maverick R's state-of-the-art cockpit, ergonomically constructed for comfort, control, and performance. A first for Can-Am, the Maverick R includes a 10.25” touch-screen digital display that provides front and rear cameras, phone control, music, navigation, driving stats, and real-time data about your vehicle's performance. With bucket seats, a telescoping steering wheel, and intuitive controls, the Maverick R’s interior seems more like a modern SUV than a UTV.

Maverick R Chassis

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount when you're conquering rugged terrains at high speeds. The Maverick R line is built with a high-strength, low-weight chassis and a rounded, low roll-cage for enhanced safety. The series also includes other safety features, such as a reinforced 4-point harness with shoulder pads and strategically placed LED lights for improved visibility.


Can-Am Maverick R Price and Models

Starting at $35,499 to $44,299, Can-Am offers four Maverick R models in their 2024 lineup. Each model leading up to their most expensive version includes more technology and more goodies than the one before it, with their priciest Maverick R X RS being the only version to include their Smart-Shox system.

Base MSRP for the 2024 Maverick R starts at  $35,499


While the Maverick R truly is an industry-changing Side-By-Side, the Can-Am Maverick X3 is still a reliable and advanced option. Starting at a more cost-effective price point of $21,999, the Maverick X3 has 20 different models in its 2024 lineup. Can-Am has made improvements across all models and, in select X3 models, has incorporated Smart-Shox technology found in the Maverick R. You really can’t go wrong with either choice!

Don't believe us? Take a look at our overview of Can-Am's UTV performance!

Base MSRP for the 2024 Maverick X3 starts at  $21,999



Just as Can-Am is striding towards innovation with its 2024 lineup, RideNow will continue bringing that innovation to you. Whether you’re trading or buying, we have an expansive inventory of powersports vehicles that will keep you powering forward relentlessly and without restraint. Strap in, throttle up, and let the adventure begin!

Can't decide which Side-By-Side fits you best? Check out our list of the 10 Best Sport Side by Side Vehicles and discover which UTVs have the ultimate in comfort, effectiveness, and style for off-road domination.

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