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10 Best Harley Davidson Models for 2023: Pricing & Features Revealed

10 Best Harley Davidson Models for 2023: Pricing & Features Revealed

Fuel your passion for the open road with the best Harley-Davidson models of 2023! As motorcycle enthusiasts, we at RideNow Powersports know that Harley-Davidson sets the bar high year after year. With each bike, from the audacious Sportster to the luxurious Road Glide, you're guaranteed an unrivaled riding experience that outpaces the competition.

Selecting your perfect two-wheeled companion from this stellar lineup can seem daunting. Worry not, we're here to rev up your decision-making process. Let's dive into the standout features, ride experiences, and pricing of Harley-Davidson's 2023 offerings. Whether you're a cruising aficionado or an adventurous long-haul rider, there's a Harley-Davidson motorcycle designed just for you. Let's throttle up and explore together!


Which Harley Davidson Delivers The Smoothest Ride?


The Harley-Davidson Road King is the undisputed champion of smooth rides in the Harley family. Power and comfort harmonize in this remarkable machine, thanks to its muscular Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, promising a serene journey while delivering an exhilarating punch when called upon. But it doesn’t end there. To complement its raw power, the Road King offers a high-performing front and rear suspension with easily adjustable rear shocks. This unique feature allows you to fine-tune your ride's plushness to your exact liking, adapting to both your comfort preferences and the road's whims.

Adding to this tailor-made experience is the Road King’s detachable windscreen. On a pleasant day, you can opt for an open-air ride, letting the wind cool you down. And when the weather gets harsh, just put the windscreen back on for the perfect shield. But the comfort of the Road King isn't only about the ride. Its ergonomic design, roomy saddle, and generous saddlebags all add to the bliss of a long journey, making it an ideal choice for long tours or weekend getaways.

The Harley-Davidson Road King encapsulates the best Harley-Davidson experience, combining power, comfort, and elegance into a machine that's renowned for delivering the smoothest ride. Let's continue our journey, shifting our focus to the top 10 standout Harley-Davidson models of 2023.


#10. Harley-Davidson SOFTAIL STANDARD

Brand new 2023 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard in all-black with red accents, showcased in RideNow showroom.

The base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $14,399

Capping our list at #10 is the 2023 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard. This model packs an unforgettable punch with its Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. This powerful V-Twin delivers a robust 110 ft-lb of torque at 3000 RPM, ensuring a crisp throttle response and that signature Harley sound.

The Softail Standard's lightweight, stiff frame promises a responsive ride like never before, blending agility and control effortlessly. With a lean angle of 28.5 degrees, it's a motorcycle designed for optimal maneuverability.

It's not just power and performance that sets this Harley apart, but its aesthetics too. With spoked wheels, chopped fenders, and Mini-Ape handlebars set against Vivid Black paint, it's a customizer's dream come true. The 2023 Softail Standard truly embodies the Harley-Davidson spirit of freedom and adventure.



Showroom photo of a 2023 Harley-Davidson Sportster S in blue and gold color scheme.

The base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $16,399

At #9, the 2023 Harley-Davidson Sportster S, is a powerhouse of style and performance. With a distinctive fat tire style, iconic peanut tank, and bold stance, it's powered by the liquid-cooled Revolution Max 1250T engine, delivering robust torque and exceptional power.

The Sportster S's advanced rider technology allows custom tuning, with three pre-set Ride Modes (Sport, Road, and Rain) and adjustable power delivery, engine braking, and traction control settings. This coupled with a nimble frame and race-style exhaust offers an unrivaled riding experience.

Despite its impressive performance, it's efficient too, boasting a fuel economy of 49 MPG. Its ground clearance and seat height are engineered for street-savviness, and with Dunlop radial tires, the Sportster S guarantees reliable grip on the road.



Silver and grey 2023 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic showcased in a showroom.

The base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $21,199

At #8, the 2023 Heritage Classic, combines vintage charm and modern performance. Powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin, it delivers 119 ft-lb of torque, ensuring a ride filled with the quintessential Harley sound.

This American cruiser balances style and function with its high-performance mono-shock rear suspension, ensuring dynamic cornering without losing the iconic hardtail look. Available in two finishes, classic chrome, and sleek blacked-out, it fits every rider's style.

Despite its powerful presence, it offers an estimated fuel economy of 47 MPG, making it a practical choice for long rides. With its ample 1.5 cu ft luggage capacity, the Heritage Classic marries heritage and convenience beautifully.



Showroom display of a grey 2023 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited.

The base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $29,799

At #7, the 2023 Electra Glide Ultra Limited, stands as the epitome of Harley-Davidson's touring range. This original Harley bagger enhances riders' comfort with its electronic cruise control, heated hand grips, one-touch saddlebags, and spacious Tour-Pak luggage carrier.

Under the hood, the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine provides impressive torque for on-demand power, delivering a distinct Harley sound. It couples this performance with an array of cornering rider safety enhancements, including Electronically Linked Brakes, Cornering-ABS, and Vehicle Hold Control (VHC), ensuring both power and safety.

The Electra Glide Ultra Limited boasts a sizable 6-gallon fuel capacity, and despite its size, maintains an estimated fuel economy of 43 MPG. With wide whitewall Dunlop tires, this Harley provides a smooth, stable ride, living up to its Ultra Limited badge.



All-black 2023 Harley-Davidson Street Bob with red and orange accents in a showroom.

The base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $16,599

Securing the 6th spot is the 2023 Harley-Davidson Street Bob.  As a contemporary interpretation of the stripped-back bobbers of old, the Street Bob clinched the title of H-D's 6th most-sold bike in 2022.

Driven by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine, the Street Bob may not boast top-notch horsepower, but it's all about the torque. With 119 lb-ft at just 3,000 rpm, it offers a lively, smooth ride that Harley riders value.

Despite its power, the Street Bob maintains a civilized, gentle exhaust note, and long gears let riders tap into the rich torque without frequently shifting. The bike's Softail frame design combines a classic look with a responsive, lightweight build.

Also noteworthy are the bike's 6-spoke Annihilator cast wheels and LED front headlamp. With a 3.5-gallon fuel capacity and 47 MPG fuel economy, the Street Bob easily manages long journeys. Plus, with seating for two, it's ready to share the ride.



Showroom photo of an all-black 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

The base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $18,199

In the fifth spot, the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S, a chopper-style legacy, continues its impressive run in 2023. This model's heart is the Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin, pushing out 119 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 RPM. Its black 2-into-2 offset shotgun mufflers generate a captivating sound, while triple-disc brakes provide reliable stopping power.

The bike features a high-performance Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine with precision oil/air cooling. Further performance can be extracted with dealer-installed Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Stage Upgrades. Electronic Cruise Control makes long rides easier, and a preload adjustable mono-shock rear suspension ensures optimal handling.

The Low Rider S also comes with a handlebar-mounted speedometer and a one-inch moto handlebar for an assertive riding stance. With its 27-inch seat height, 5.7-inch ground clearance, 5-gallon fuel capacity, and an estimated fuel economy of 47 mpg, the 2023 Low Rider S masterfully blends classic Harley-Davidson aesthetics and modern performance.



Dark red 2023 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra displayed in a showroom.

The Base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $36,499

This tri-wheeler claims the number 4 spot. The Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic, with its generous storage capacity, allows riders to carry plenty of gear on their journeys. With the stability of three wheels and the classic batwing fairing, the Tri Glide Ultra offers an unparalleled touring experience. Additionally, it features the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system and traction control.

The Tri Glide Ultra provides the ultimate comfort for long-distance adventures. It has a Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine that delivers 120 ft. lbs. of torque and an impressive fuel economy of 42 mpg. The 6-Speed Cruise Drive transmission ensures smooth and quiet shifting.

Key specifications include a seat height of 27.1 inches, ground clearance of 4.9 inches, fuel capacity of 6 gallons, and luggage capacity of 6.8 cu ft. The Tri Glide Ultra Classic is a great choice for riders seeking the distinctive Harley-Davidson experience on a trike.



2023 All-Black Harley Davidson Fat Boy 114 Showcased at Harley Davidson Showroom

The Base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $20,199

The 2023 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 is a true beast of the road, deserving its spot at number 3. Its bright chrome finishes and muscular stance lend it a powerful look that is sure to turn heads. The bike features the largest front tire ever offered by Harley-Davidson - 160mm - coupled with a 240mm rear tire.

It is powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, delivering a hefty torque you can feel with each twist of the throttle. The high-performance front suspension technology provides the performance of a racing-style cartridge fork for reduced weight with linear damping characteristics.

The Fat Boy 114 has a seat height of 25.9 inches, ground clearance of 4.5 inches, and a fuel capacity of 5 gallons. It weighs in at 671 lbs shipped, and 699 lbs in running order. Engine torque is impressive, reaching 119 ft-lb at 3000 RPM. The model also maintains a decent fuel economy, estimated at 47 mpg.

All in all, the Fat Boy 114 isn't just about the specs and performance; it's about the bold statement it makes on the road. It's more than just a bike; it's a manifestation of power, style, and the quintessential Harley-Davidson spirit.



2023 Tan Harley Davidson Road Glide Special Displayed at Harley Davidson Showroom

The Base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $29,999

The Harley-Davidson Road Glide, landing at number 2, is a motorcycle engineered with passion and performance in mind. At the core of the Road Glide is a 114 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight engine, which delivers a substantial 163Nm of torque.

The Road Glide's lean angles, impressive at 32 degrees, allow for confident handling through corners. For safety, the bike is equipped with Harley-Davidson’s Reflex Defensive Rider System, providing advanced control through its powertrain, electronic brake control, and chassis control.

Infotainment is another area where the Road Glide shines, with a system that boasts Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and tire pressure readings. The bike also features a 4-speaker stereo and an easy-to-use touchscreen with quick loading times. The overall package is a bike that is as tech-rich as it is powerful, offering riders the best of both worlds.



#1. HARLEY DAVIDSON Street Glide & Street Glide Special

2023 Dark Grey Harley Davidson Street Glide Showcased at Harley Davidson Showroom

The Base MSRP for this 2023 model starts at $27,999


Unquestionably holding the #1 spot in our 2023 lineup, the Harley-Davidson Street Glide & Street Glide Special embodies the perfect blend of power, sophistication, and style that Harley-Davidson is celebrated for. Crafted with an attention to detail that sets them apart, these models boast an iconic all-black finish, stylish Prodigy rims, and sleek hard cases, earning them the title of one of the most popular Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

But their appeal doesn't end at aesthetics. Their heart beats with the rhythm of an air/oil-cooled 114ci engine, producing an impressive 111 lb-ft of torque. With the integration of a Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin engine, a batwing fairing, and a superior suspension system, they promise a ride that's as smooth and responsive as it is thrilling.

Distinguished for their versatility, the Street Glide & Street Glide Special excel in both city cruising and long-distance touring, thanks to the reliable Twin Cam 103 engine and a hydraulically adjusted clutch. Whether you are embarking on a cross-country adventure or making a statement in the urban jungle, these models deliver an unparalleled Harley-Davidson experience. They are more than just motorcycles—they are symbols of freedom, power, and style, solidifying their position as the epitome of Harley-Davidson's legacy.




As we conclude our rundown of the 10 best Harley-Davidson models for 2023, we've seen how these iconic bikes impress with superior performance, comfort, and style. Each Harley model, from the Street Glide to the smooth-riding Road King, exemplifies the finest in motorcycle craftsmanship.

We hope our guide has stoked your enthusiasm for these legendary machines. Ready to ride one of these good-looking bikes? Dive into our RideNow inventory and discover the Harley that's waiting to revolutionize your journey. Here's to the open road!

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