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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for the Open Road

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for the Open Road

Keeping your motorcycle in top condition is crucial for a safe and enjoyable ride, especially when taking on long-distance journeys on the open road. Some of the best motorcycle maintenance tips to ensure a smooth and safe ride include regularly checking and maintaining the tire pressure, inspecting the brakes and replacing worn brake pads, changing the oil and oil filter at recommended intervals, and ensuring that the chain is properly lubricated and adjusted.

Additionally, cleaning the bike thoroughly after each ride and storing it in a safe, dry place can help prevent corrosion and other forms of damage. By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your motorcycle in top shape and enjoy a trouble-free ride on the open road.


Essential Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Long-Distance Adventures

Expert maintenance for your motorcycle - a skilled technician works on a bike with precision and care


Preparing for the Journey

Routine maintenance is part of the upkeep, whether two wheels or four, it is a needed aspect of the comfort in an adventure. You will prep and re-prep for your journey, but there will be maintenance needs on the road. Some ideas and amenities that will help as you adventure on!

Creating a Toolkit for the Road

You will never be able to pack enough for the ” what if’s ” of road life, but necessary skills and a pre-thought-out kit will go a long way. Before my 50-state tour, I spent a day testing the tools on each screw, nut, and bolt… that my bike had. This is how I created my toolkit for the road, only taking what was necessary and that fit my bike. A couple of items to add are zip ties, gorilla tape, plastic bags, and long-handled wrenches for chain maintenance.

Relying on Insurance and Roadside Assistance

Part of the prep is being able to do the work, but also having great insurance to know that you don’t always have to! AMA has excellent roadside assistance that I used for two rear–flat tires. I was close enough to the city to get the free towing and did not need to pull out my tire change kits. (I carried a small kit for when off-road, as well as a small tire pump that can attach to the battery).

Monitoring Tire Pressure and Adjustments

It can be easy when you are on a big-mile trip to forget about the miles that are flying by and become intertwined with the landscapes around you. You will put on more miles than you think, quicker than you think, and it is important to remember the tire pressure checks and adjustments. (depending on your mileage this might be every other day and at a minimum once / twice a week).

Utilize the free air at gas stations when you stop for fuel, ideally at the start of your day for a more accurate reading of pressure.

Chain Maintenance and Lubrication

With that comes the chain, lube, and tightening. This occurred as an every-other-day or everyday item on my big mileage days. It also matters about your weather and road conditions. Remembering to take these little steps will get you a lot more miles out of your chains and give you more time cruising the open road.

Preparation for a Smooth Ride

The prep may seem tedious, but then, in the end, will make the journey that much more enjoyable. To each their own on how they travel, if you will GPS has the needed equipment and chargers if using maps a tank bag with a plastic sheet for maps is ideal!