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Top 10 Scooters for 2023: Honda Ruckus & Rivals

Top 10 Scooters for 2023: Honda Ruckus & Rivals

Looking for a fun and affordable way to get around town? Scooters like the Honda Ruckus are a popular choice for their versatility, fuel economy, and easy operation. With so many options on the market, you're sure to find the perfect scooter for your needs. Not only are they a blast to ride, but they're also relatively inexpensive, making them a great choice for a two-wheeled adventure.

And if you're looking to save money, riding a scooter can be a great financial choice. Plus, with the right gear and preparation, you can even pack for longer rides or bring a passenger along for the adventure. Check out our top 10 scooters of 2023 and hit the road today.


Top 10 Scooters of 2023: Honda Ruckus & More



Sometimes, you just gotta start a little ruckus. Honda’s rugged, funky scooter has been blasting around city streets since it debuted in the early 2000s, and the scooter game has never been the same since. It’s marketed as a fun, minimalist machine that focuses on delivering smiles and miles-per gallon (some 114 to be exact).

Underneath that distinct tubular frame is a 49cc motor that routes power through Honda’s V-matic automatic transmission making riding in traffic, or learning how to ride, a breeze. Another thing that makes the Ruckus so appealing is the customization scene that has sprung up around it. Tuners have done just about everything imaginable to the Ruckus platform – stretched it, slammed it, engine swaps, custom exhausts, crazy bodywork, the whole nine. It’s just part of the Ruckus’s nature to be a little bit mad.

Get around town in style with the Honda Ruckus scooter



And on the other end of the spectrum is the Honda Metropolitan. Where the Ruckus looks like it came right out of Mad Max, the Metropolitan has classic old-school scooter styling and looks like it should be zipping about in some European city somewhere.

As the name implies, this scooter excels in urban riding and cruising through traffic. A liquid-cooled 49cc four-stroke motor propels this little Honda and returns over 100 mpg. And, if you’re going to be using the Metropolitan as a runabout, you’ll probably want to be able to carry some stuff. Somehow, Honda managed to give the Metro a respectable 22 liters of storage space under the seat in addition to some clever holders and hooks for bags.

Effortlessly navigate the city with the Honda Metropolitan scooter



With a starting price of only $3,399, the Zuma 125 delivers a lot of bang for your buck. Unlike some of the other machines on this list, the Zuma packs more than 49cc of the engine. It uses a four-stroke 125cc single-cylinder mill with fuel injection to deliver significantly more power than some of its counterparts, while still delivering an estimated 103 mpg.

Holding everything together is a steel-tube frame; the tires are chunky meaning the Zuma can zoom on a range of terrain, not just paved roads; a comfortable, wide seat accommodates riding two-up; and its sharp looks definitely make a unique statement. The Zuma 125 is a great option if you’re looking for something with more gumption than a traditional 49cc scooter, but don’t want to sacrifice the ease and versatility of a scooter.


Experience the thrill of the ride with the Yamaha Zuma 125 scooter


#4. HONDA PCX150

If the Zuma 125 was a step up from the likes of the Rucks and Metropolitan, the PCX150 is an even further step up the performance and features ladder. Honda went through and improved numerous elements of the PCX150’s engine for this model year, primarily centered on a new intake and exhaust system that increases the performance of the 149cc engine, and an all-new frame.

In the same vein as the Zuma 125, the PCX150 hits a sweet spot between a scooter and full-on motorcycle, delivering many of the benefits of both. Its ergonomics of it reflect that duality – the center tunnel is significantly more defined than in smaller machines, but it retains that essential scooter simplicity and layout.

Combine the increased power, storage, and cool styling with an MSRP of only $3,699, and the PCX150 is definitely a winner.

Enjoy the ride and explore new places with the Honda PCX150 scooter



The little brother of the Zuma 125, the 50F is a classic machine that has enough aggressive style to make it stand out. Speaking of standing out, two of the 50F's most significant qualities are price and fuel economy – it starts at only $2,599, and will return an estimated 132 mpg. That’s not a lot of coins for a whole lot of miles.

As you’d expect from a Yamaha, the Zuma 50F comes nicely equipped and uses a clean-running 49cc SOHC single-cylinder engine. There are 23 liters of storage under the seat, the chunky tires mean you can ride the 50F places other scooters can’t go, and it honestly just looks cool with those twin headlights and clean lines. The Zuma 50F might be the smaller of the two Yamaha’s, but it’s not short on features.

Efficient and fun transportation with the Yamaha Zuma 50F scooter




I can’t help but picture a white-gloved butler, head bowed, with a silver platter in one hand when I hear the name Burgman Executive. It just sounds so…regal. This Suzuki scooter is about as close to a legit motorcycle as scooters can get. It’s big, goes two-up, costs significantly more than anything on this list, $11,049 to be precise, and uses engine design elements from the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa. This ain’t your grandpa’s scooter.

The (clears throat) Burgman Executive packs a liquid-cooled two-cylinder, 638cc engine that features fuel injection and balancing shafts to keep it buttery smooth. It also uses several different drive modes (on a scooter!) that manage power delivery, and you can even change gears yourself if you wish. And the list goes on – cast aluminum wheels, a parking lock, dual front brake disks, highway capability, variable valve timing. As I said, it’s practically a motorcycle.

There’s something to be said for riding a scooter that makes ample power and still delivers the ease of riding that only scooters can. If that’s what you’re after, the Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive is where it’s at.


Experience luxury and performance with the Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive scooter


#7. Yamaha SMAX

Built-in the same vein as the Honda PCX150, the Yamaha SMAX is a scooter with more. It’s a bigger machine than most of the other scooters on this list, but still retains the comfortable step-through design most scooters use, and is a perfect city runabout.

It uses a 155cc single-cylinder mill that sings all the way up to a 9500 rpm redline, offers up 32 liters of storage, front, and rear disk brakes can carry a passenger with no problem, and still only rings in at $3,699. That bigger engine means more speed, which means you’re free to ride on far more roads than smaller scooters can go, including highways. That solid front ending completely with windscreen and wide fairing means the open road is your friend from the saddle of the SMAX.

Get ready to ride with the versatile and sporty Yamaha SMAX scooter




The white-gloved butler isn’t here for this one, but the Burgman badge is still just cool. As the name indicates, this iteration of Suzuki’s scooter is smaller than the 650 Executive, using a 200cc single-cylinder. It still retains much of the larger bike’s versatility and style, just in a smaller and more affordable ($4,999) package.

Also like its big brother, the Burgman 200 comes equipped with ABS, a seriously premium feature in this category. It uses front and rear disk brakes to haul things down, and oil-damped front forks and rear suspension to round out its premium-ness. Another solid element of this Burgman is storage – underneath the seat, you’ll find a robust 41 liters of space for all your gear. Sweet.Explore the city in style with the Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS scooter



Not only does the Yamaha XMAX have features like a motorcycle, it darn near looks like one too. Certainly the most aggressive-looking machine on this list, the XMAX has an emphasis on sport and performance above and beyond most of the machines on this list.

Providing the motive force for this angular, funky-looking scooter is a 292cc single that uses fuel injection, a single overhead cam, and four valves. Interestingly, it’s built using Yamaha’s DiASil aluminum, with a forged piston and forged crankshaft. Power is transferred to the road using an automatic CVT transmission. One final feather in the XMAX’s performance cap is the use of traction control to keep things in check.

The price for entry is $5,599. Not too shabby, particularly when you consider how unique and advanced the XMAX is.

Experience the ultimate urban mobility with the Yamaha XMAX scooter


#10. Yamaha Vino Classic

And that brings us to the last scooter on our list, the Yamaha Vino Classic. Like the Metropolitan, the Vino Classic looks like it drove right out of 1960s Italy, with its swooping lines and classic vintage style.

One of the major things that the Vino Classic has going for it, besides looks and a rock-solid price of $2,299, is simplicity. There’s not much in the way of electronics or rider features, and that’s all for the better. The Vino’s 49cc engine is a liquid-cooled four-stroke with three valves, it uses drum brakes, it can store some stuff under the seat, and that’s about it. This scooter is about nimble handing around town and commuting in style, both of which it does with aplomb.

Sometimes, the most satisfying things are the simplest.

Cruise around town with the retro-styled Yamaha Vino Classic scooter



After years of seeing scooters as a last-mile solution for getting around cities, a new generation of scooters is hitting the streets. Scooters are faster, more powerful, and more comfortable than ever before. These 2023 scooters such as the Honda Ruckus and Yamaha Zuma, are some of the best scooters in 2023. If you’re looking for a nice ride to get you through city streets, a scooter is the best choice for you. 

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