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Top Motorcycle YouTube Channels of 2023

Top Motorcycle YouTube Channels of 2023

In one of our latest posts, we talk about six different ways to get your motorcycle fix if you are quarantined at home. In this post, we are discussing seven more exciting options in the form of our favorite motorcycle YouTube channels.


7 Best Motorcycle YouTubers

This is by no means a completely comprehensive list, but it is a rather sweet collection of high-quality channels with topics and personalities that range from off-road celebrities and professional motorcycle reviews to in-depth explanations of mechanical engineering.

Fire up the old YouTube machine and enjoy!


Our amazing team at RideNow, highlighting their YouTube channel, that features motorcycle reviews, news and more.


#1. RideNow

Obviously! We’re incredibly proud of our YouTube channel and the efforts of everyone who contributes to it.

We highlight current inventory at many of our stores, as well as company and product announcements!

It’s a great way to check out some of the terrific machines we have on sale!


#2. 44Teeth

If you like your humor British, your language colorful, and your motorcycles eclectic, this channel is for you.

44Teeth is comprised of journalist and racer Alastair Fagan and internet influencer Chris Eades. They review a wide range of bikes and embark on different adventures. The two ride everything from the newest Ducati superbike to four-stroke sport bikes from the 1980s.

One of my favorite parts about their content is how relatable and absurd it is. You can tell both Fagan and Eades love bikes, have a deep knowledge of almost all things motorcycle, and have a blast riffing off each other.


An exciting powersports competition truck soaring through the air, with a crowd of women watching above.

#3. BJ Baldwin

BJ doesn’t have his own dedicated channel, but there are some truly epic videos of him on YouTube driving some of the wildest off-road machinery on the planet.

There are numerous videos of BJ on the Monster Energy and Hoonigan channels. One of my all-time favorites is this short film called ‘Recoil 2’. BJ absolutely shreds the living daylights out of his 800-horsepower Trophy Truck and the city streets of Ensenada, Mexico.

You haven’t seen suspension travel until you’ve watched this film. If you’re a fan of Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos, get fired up for ‘Recoil 2’.


#4. Ken Block

Speaking of – Ken Block. Block got his start in rally cars and has since turned sliding, skidding, and shredding tires into a literal art form.

The man behind some of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time with his jaw-dropping Gymkhana series, and the wildly successful DC Shoes and Hoonigan brands, Ken Block has become a household name and taken action sports to entirely new heights.

If you haven’t seen Block’s ten Gymkhana videos, like, stop reading this right now and go watch one of my favorites here.


A screen grab of one of the most popular motorcycle YouTubers, FortNine.

#5. FortNine

Honestly, it is a little difficult to describe the kind of content made by FortNine.

Part instructional video, part biting sarcasm and wit, part uber-genius, and part goofball, FortNine is a Canadian motorcycle parts and gear dealer. Ryan Kluftinger is the man behind the brand’s YouTube channel.

His humor is irreverent, but his insights and knowledge are unflappable. Like some of the other channels in the list, you can watch FortNine’s video and be both entertained (and a little flabbergasted), and learn a whole lot of things pertaining to motorcycles at the same time.

This channel is absolutely worth a visit.


#6. Engineering Explained

I have probably learned more about engineering and how cars and motorcycles work from this terrific channel than anywhere else.

This sort of stuff does not come easy for me, but Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained has a way of calmly and confidently breaking down and explaining even the most complex and difficult concepts. Ever wanted to know how a clutch works?

He’s talked about it. What about some honest insights into electric cars? He’s covered that too. A lot of EE’s content pertains to automobiles, but the concepts and basics he discusses translate into motorcycles as well. This channel is one of my favorites!


A screen grab from a video about a Yamaha MT-125 review, from one of the most popular motorcycle news YouTube channels, MCN.


#7. MCN

No great list of motorcycle channels is complete without a review-centric, journalism-focused channel like MCN.

I’ve turned to MCN more times than I can count when doing research on a bike I’m considering, or if I want to learn about the latest and greatest machines hitting the road.

Many of the people they have on staff are accomplished riders, none more so than Michael Neeves. A road test editor at MCN for more than 15 years. Neeves also taught motorcycle racing for years at the Ron Haslam Race School and is an accomplished racer himself.

MCN’s videos are insightful, fun to watch, and a great way to get your blood boiling over that new bike you’ve been eyeing.

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